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Completing Challenges and Getting Coins
Completing Challenges and Getting Coins
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Tier: NA

Product: EngageAny

Platform: Mobile

Access Level: Manager, Supervisor, Employee

Increase workplace performance with gamification by setting up challenges where employees can participate to win and earn coins! With those coins, managers, supervisors and employees can redeem various rewards from the Reward Catalogue. Learn more about the Rewards module here!

EngageAny is currently an exclusive feature. Please contact our sales at [email protected] or reach out to use via the Intercom Chat.

This article will explain to you how employees complete challenges and receive coins. Learn about how challenges are set up here.

This guide will cover the following:

Viewing Challenge Progress

To view your challenge progress on the App,

  • For Employee

    • Engage > My Challenges > “See More”

  • Managers and Supervisors

    • More > EngageAny > My Challenges > “See More”

You can view different challenges that you are participating in the challenge cards. Within each challenge card, you can view whether the challenges have a Single Milestone or Multiple Milestones (indicated by the number circles on the progress bar). Milestones are reward tiers that participants can obtain if they achieved the requirements of each tier.

Single Milestone Challenges

Single Milestone challenges only have 1 milestone which participants can achieve. Below is an example of a Single Milestone challenge. In the challenge card below, the progress bar only has 1 milestone, indicated with the circled ‘1’.

Multiple Milestone Challenge

Multiple Milestone challenges have multiple milestones (up to 5 maximum) which participants can achieve depending on how well they do in the challenge. In the challenge card, the progress bar has multiple milestones which indicates which milestone the participant has achieved.

This is the challenge card when no milestone is achieved.

This is the challenge card when Milestone 4 is achieved.

You can view more details about the challenge by tapping on a challenge card. Below is how the challenge detail page will look like:

Serial No.




Challenge Title

The title of the challenge.


Specific Milestone Progress Bar

Indicates the progress of the participant in between 2 milestones.

Eg. Progress of the participant between Milestone 1 and 2


Reward Milestones

List of rewards for each milestone that the participant achieves


General Milestone Progress Bar

Shows which milestone the participant has achieved.

Completing Challenges

1) Number of Shifts & Punctuality, & Minimum Hours Worked

Once the challenge cycle has ended, you can view completed challenges under the Ended Tab. You will only get your coins from the challenge only after the challenge has officially ended.

Below is an example of an ended challenge that did not achieve the highest milestone.

Below is an example of an ended challenge that achieved the highest milestone.

2) Monthly Sales Target

There are a few scenarios that will be displayed for this challenge

  • No Split (Single Section)

  • Reward Split (Single Section)

  • No Split (Multiple Sections)

  • Reward Split (Multiple Sections)

3) Customer Review: Star Review

To complete this challenge, participants need to get customers to send in their Google Reviews of the section. Based on what was set as a Qualified Review, each participant get coins for each review received by the section. They can view the number of qualified reviews received under “Current Progress”.

Important Note: Coins will be given out daily at 8 am when the system checks the amount of qualified reviews received from the day before. Participants in that section will receive the coins automatically.

4) Create Your Own Challenge

For a manually tracked challenge, you are required to submit a proof to your manager or owner for the challenge to be considered as complete. There are 3 types of proof:

Photo + Remarks proof

To complete the challenge, you are required to submit proof by uploading photo(s) and adding remarks.

Remarks only proof

To complete the challenge, you are required to add remarks to be able to submit the challenge completion.

No proof

Participants do not need to submit a proof. They will be notified if the manager/owner marks the challenge as done.

Viewing Coins Transaction History

Employees can view their challenge progress via the Mobile App by the following steps:

1) In “Engage”, click “View Transaction History”.

2) You will be redirected to the transaction history’s page. If you want to understand the details of a transaction, click one of the cards that represent a transaction on a particular date.

3) You will be redirected to a transaction’s detail page.

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