Happiness Feedback

Employees can leave feedback on their general happiness

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Let your HR understand how to improve your work experience by submitting feedback!

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Tier: NA

Product: EngageAny

Platform: Mobile

Access Level: Manager, Supervisor, Employee

Employees can leave their general feedback on how they are feeling at work. This feedback can be viewed in the Employee Happiness Score Report. Learn more about it here!

EngageAny is currently an exclusive feature, please contact our sales or drop us an email at [email protected]

This guide will cover the following:

Submit Happiness Feedback

Employee Happiness Feedback (After Shift)

Note: Happiness Feedback is only for Scheduled Shifts. It does not support Unscheduled Shift Request.

1) After clocking out for each shift, you will be shown a “How was your day” feedback section.

2) After selecting an emotion that summarises your day, you will be directed to the full Happiness Score Feedback form.

a) You can include any comments to elaborate more on how you felt about your shift.

b) Indicate the section where you worked.

c) Tag your feedback to a category (“General” or “Supervisor/Manager/Peer Feedback”).

3) Press the “Submit” button to submit your feedback!

Employee Happiness Feedback (Ad Hoc)

You can also provide feedback on an ad hoc basis.

1) In the Mobile app, go to Engage > Tap on “Tell us how you are feeling”.

2) You will be directed to the full Happiness Score Feedback form.

3) Please fill up the form as directed in the “After Shift Feedback” flow above.

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