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Integrate Kakitangan with StaffAny
Integrate Kakitangan with StaffAny
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Set up the export format of the Timesheet in StaffAny and get it ready for payroll processing in the Kakitangan system.

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Platform: Web

Kakitangan is a cloud-based HR & Payroll software. You can export Timesheet data in StaffAny to the Kakitangan system to decrease the manual work and increase the accuracy of running payroll, based on work hours tracked and consolidated in StaffAny.

This guide will cover the following:

Step 1 - Required information filled in StaffAny and Kakitangan

In order to map the work hour data between Kakitangan and StaffAny correctly, please fill in the required fields for each employee record by following the mapping below:



Employee No.

Employee ID


Not Available

Salary Type / Pay Interval

Wage Type

- Hourly

- Hourly

- Daily*

- Salaried*

- Monthly*

- Salaried*

If the Salary Type in Kakitangan is set as Daily or Monthly, Wage Type in StaffAny should be equal to Salaried

IMPORTANT: Incorrect setup between “Salary Type” in Kakitangan and “Wage Type” in StaffAny may lead into payroll calculation inaccuracies!

Step 2 - Setting up the export format on StaffAny

  1. In StaffAny. Go to Settings > Integrations > Kakitangan

  2. Click on Setup via Export Format Setting

  3. In Export Format settings > Pick a template > Select Kakitangan > Save

Step 3 - Exporting Timesheet for Payroll Processing from StaffAny

Here are some best practices for HR to perform on StaffAny before pulling Payroll data for processing:

  1. Set a cut-off date/time for managers to make any necessary overrides/edits to Timesheets on StaffAny for the pay period you are processing (ie. before you process payroll).

  2. After the cut-off date/time for editing is over, we recommend you lock the timesheet so that no further changes can be made, allowing you to process the payroll. Read more on Timesheet Lock.

  3. Ensure that you have selected the date range that reflects the period you are processing the payroll for.

  4. On Staffany, go to Timesheet > Export Filtered > Summary to generate the Summary Timesheet report.

  5. Timesheet excel file then downloaded to your device.

The following StaffAny’s timesheet data will be exported.




Equal to Basic Hours.

If wage type = “Hourly”; the unit is in hour.

If wage type = “Salaried”; the unit is in day.

WORKDAY Overtime

Equal to Overtime Hours.

Regardless of the wage type; the unit is in hour.

Total Absent

Number of scheduled shifts where the employee is not present and tagged as “Absent” in StaffAny system.

Step 4 - Consolidate Timesheet data from StaffAny and NRIC from Kakitangan

Once you have downloaded the timesheet excel file, you may notice that the IC/Social Security No. column is empty, as StaffAny does not collect NRIC. However, NRIC is required to be filled before exporting the timesheet file to Kakitangan system. Follow these steps to fill-in the IC/Social Security No. column:

  1. In Kakitangan, go to Payroll > Import > Monthly Payroll data

  2. In “Download the excel template to import payroll overtime and unpaid leaves” sefction; Click download template.
    A file with all employee records and the NRIC will be downloaded to your device.

  3. To consolidate the 2 files and map the NRIC with timesheet data easily. Download and use our excel file: click here to download.

  4. Copy and paste the file from StaffAny into “from StaffAny” sheet.
    Copy and paste the file from Kakitangan into “from Kakitangan” sheet.

  5. You may check the consolidated data in “Post-processed” sheet.

    However, this sheet is full of formulas, and which the Kakitangan system can not read this format. You may need to copy and paste as values into the “Copied values only” sheet.

    IMPORTANT: Ensure the “Copied values only” is in the first position (most-left position).

  6. Save the file.

Step 5 - Exporting file to run payroll in Kakitangan

  1. In Kakitangan, go to Payroll > Import > Monthly Payroll data

  2. Select the pay period of the payroll and upload the processed file from Step 4 above; as shown below.

  3. If the file is uploaded successfully, you should see the following screen to confirm and further run payroll for each employee.


  1. Why do I need to process the file manually to consolidate the NRIC with the StaffAny’s timesheet everytime before I upload to Kakitangan?

    1. StaffAny does not collect NRIC (IC/Social Security No.) data for each employee as of now. However, NRIC is required to be filled before exporting the timesheet file to Kakitangan system. You need to “map” the NRIC acquired from Kakitangan with the Timesheet data acquired from StaffAny.

Known Issues

  1. Kakitangan system cannot read the excel file exported from Google Spreadsheets. Hence, please use another tool to save the excel file so it is readable by Kakitangan system.

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