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Create Job Application Form
Create Job Application Form

2. Learn how to create job application form to use our ATS feature and see how it works

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Learn how to create the job application form in StaffAny’s ATS feature

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The Applicant Tracking System is a free tool that allows HRs to consolidate applicants across all hiring channels into one platform so that it is easier and faster to manage them. Watch our 1 min video to learn how it works.

Need more information? View our ATS help articles to learn more!

With this Job Application Form feature, you can collect applicants’ information across various hiring platforms to manage them all in one platform. You can also set up screening questions to qualify applicants. The form can be easily distributed as a QR code or a shareable link.

This guide will cover the following:

How to Create the Job Application Form

At least one Job Opening must be created before you can set up the Application Form for use. If it has not been created, click here to learn how.

Once a Job Opening has been created, please follow the steps below:

  1. In StaffAny, go to Hiring > Application Form

  2. Click on “Generate an Application Form”

  3. Customise the application form by editing default questions and/or adding custom questions to better qualify your applicants

  4. Click on Save to create your application form

Default Questions

There are 4 default questions for every application form.

  1. Welcome Screen - The first screen that is visible to applicants upon opening the form

  2. Job Opening - Open positions under Job Opening will be listed here. Don’t see a job opening? Learn how to open a Job Opening.

  3. Contact Information - Collect essential information from applicants, such as name and contact number. You may even choose to ask for their email address.

  4. CV / Resume - Allow applicants to upload their resume file which can be viewed under Manage Applicants. You can choose to show or hide this question

Custom Questions

To add custom questions,

  1. Click on Add a Custom Question

  2. Select a question type from the available 6 templates (Short text, Dropdown, Multi-choice, Yes / No, Date Picker, File Upload)

  3. Click on Add Question to add it into the form

We provide 6 question templates that is suitable for collecting all information that you need in the job application form:

  1. Short Text - Applicants can type short written answers of up to 999 characters

  2. Dropdown - Applicants can only choose 1 out of the many choices

    • To edit or add more choices, click on Edit choices

    • On the modal, enter the answer choices according to your prefered order of arrangement.

      • Each choice must be on a separate line. (Press Enter on your keyboard to start a new line)

    • Click on Save Choices to confirm the options

  3. Multi-Choice - Applicants can choose multiple choices at once

    • To edit or add more choices, click on Edit choices. You may follow the rest of the steps under the Dropdown question type.

  4. Yes / No - Applicants can only choose between “yes” or “no” as their response

  5. Date Picker - Applicants are allowed to select a date in the format “DDMMYYYY”

  6. File Upload - Applicants can upload a file with a maximum size of 10mb

How to Distribute the Job Application Form

There are two ways to distribute the job application form across all hiring platforms:

  1. QR code - suitable to use on physical hiring collaterals (e.g. standees, posters, banners)

  2. Shareable Link - suitable to use on digital hiring collaterals (e.g. Facebook or Telegram hiring groups, redirect from job hiring platforms)

Note: Your application form must be created before you can distribute it.

QR code

To download the QR code, you should:

  1. In StaffAny, go to Hiring > Application Form

  2. Under Share form, click on Download QR code

  3. The QR code image will be downloaded to your device for use on your hiring collaterals

Shareable Link

To copy the shareable link , you should:

  1. In StaffAny, go to Hiring > Application Form

  2. Under Share form, click on Copy URL

  3. The URL will be saved to your device clipboard to be shared (paste) at anywhere you want.

How to Edit the Job Application Form

Make edits to your job application form without the need to replace your shareable link or QR code on your existing hiring collaterals

To edit your application form, you should:

  1. In StaffAny, go to Hiring > Application Form

  2. Make edits to the questions on the form

  3. Click on Save to save your changes.

Applicant’s View of the Job Application Form

When applicants scan the QR code or open the URL link, the company’s profile (including all available positions) will be visible to them. If you want to edit the job description and required experience, please visit the Job Opening help article.

Before applicants can access the application form, they will be asked to acknowledge the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


  1. Do I have to create a new application form every time I want to post a new job posting using the ATS feature?

    • No, you only need to create one application form, which can then be applied to all your job openings. This streamlined process eliminates the need to recreate the same form repeatedly, saving you time and effort.

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