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Manage Job Applications

3. Learn how to manage job applications on StaffAny

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Learn how to manage job applications in our ATS feature

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The Applicant Tracking System is a free tool that allows HRs to consolidate applicants across all hiring channels into one platform so that it is easier and faster to manage them.

Watch our 1 min video to learn how it works.

Need more information? View our ATS help articles to learn more!

On our Applicant Tracking System, you will be able to view and manage all applicants’ information submitted through the application form.

This guide will cover the following:

View Applicant Information

Applicants must submit their information via StaffAny’s application form in order for it to be viewed here. Here’s how to view it:

  1. In StaffAny, go to Hiring > Manage Job Application

  2. New, unprocessed applicants will appear under the “New Applicant” column. Click on each card to view more information

  3. The information will appear in a modal

Note: Currently, applicant information cannot be edited. Want this feature? Let us know through our help chat :)

Sort and Filter Applicants


By default, new applicants will appear at the bottom of the “New Applicant” column. You could manage them by manually sorting the order according to your preference.

  1. Click and hold on the applicant’s card

  2. Drag the card to the order you want within the column

  3. Drop the card to that position


You may filter applicants by Job Openings for a cleaner view.

  1. Click on All Job Openings dropdown

  2. Select the Job Opening you want to filter to

Move Applicants Across Stages

There are 2 ways to move applicants across stages:

  1. Button Click

  2. Drag and Drop

Button Click

This is a quick way to move applicants forward to the next stage after reviewing their information

  1. Click on the applicant’s card to view their information

  2. Click on Move to the Next Stage

    • Applicants under “New Applicant” will be moved to “Interview”

    • Applicants under “Interview” will be moved to “Need Decision”

    • Applicants under “Need Decision” will be moved to “Hired”

Note: This does not apply to applicants under “Hired” and “Rejected” stage

Drag and Drop

You can drag and drop applicants to the next or previous stage

  1. Click and hold on the applicant’s card

  2. Drag the card to the stage you want

  3. Drop the card to the preferred column

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