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Sync employee profiles and pull timesheets from StaffAny on BIPO for payroll processing

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Platform: Web

BIPO HRMS is a cloud-based HR & Payroll software. You can connect StaffAny to BIPO HRMS to decrease the manual work and increase the accuracy of running payroll, based on work hours tracked and consolidated in StaffAny.

This guide will cover the following:

Setting Up the Integration

  1. Copy and paste the StaffAny Organisation ID and StaffAny Access Token to BIPO system

  2. BIPO support team will further set up the integration. Chat us for the integration setup request!

Importing Employees from BIPO to StaffAny

You can automatically create an employee profile in StaffAny every time you create an employee in BIPO HRMS.

  1. Add employee in BIPO

  2. Then fill-in and update the required employee details:

    1. First name

    2. Last name

    3. Mobile number

    4. Email

    5. Join date

    6. Employment type (full-time or part-time)

    7. Salary:

      1. Payment mode

      2. Payment type

      3. Salary fixed

  3. The system will automatically push the employee profile created to the StaffAny system. Users can send the invitation to the employee’s mobile phone by clicking the “Send App Link” button.

Generate Payroll by Syncing StaffAny Time Attendance

Import Employees’ Time & Attendance data from StaffAny to BIPO HRMS

  1. API calls will be automatically executed at scheduled time. It can be run daily, weekly, monthly or by any requested frequency.

  2. Employee time and attendance data in StaffAny app will be pulled to BIPO HRMS. The data includes:

    1. Basic hours

    2. Weekend hours

    3. Public Holiday hours

    4. Overtime hours

  3. Then users can further run payroll based on the fetched timesheets data from StaffAny in BIPO HRMS.

Below is payroll table showing how work hrs are computed

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How Work Hours are Imported into BIPO

We have two types of wages (Salaried and Hourly). BIPO payroll will display each type differently. Click here to learn how to set up Wage Types on StaffAny

Salaried Staff

In StaffAny, staff with Salaried wages are paid a fixed salary monthly. There are two types of worked hours:

  • Monthly wage: 'Wage per month in StaffAny'

  • OT hours: 'Overtime rate in BIPO HRMS' x No. of hours worked

Basic Salary = Monthly wage

This is how it will be displayed in BIPO HRMS payslip


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Hourly Staff

In StaffAny, staff with Hourly wages are paid by an hourly rate. There are four types of worked hours:

  • Basic hours: 'Wage per hour in BIPO HRMS' x No. of hours worked


  • Weekend hours: 'Weekend rate in BIPO HRMS ' x No. of hours worked

  • PH hours: 'PH rate in BIPO HRMS ' x No. of hours worked

  • OT hours: 'Overtime rate in BIPO HRMS ' x No. of hours worked

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