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Add/edit roles, wages, join dates and leaves

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Platform: Web

Access Level: Owner/Manager

You can edit individual staff information under the My Team tab. Select your staff by filtering based on sections or by staff name.

This guide will cover the following:

Basic Information & Emergency Contact

Basic Information contains the staff’s personal details such as contact number, email address etc. This provides managers and owners with their staff’s contact details at a glance.

For HR and Owners, the email address entered in your profile will be used to receive exported timesheets

Emergency Contacts refers to the person to be contacted in the case of an emergency.

To access both Basic Information and Emergency Contact:

  1. In the Web App > My Team > select Staff Profile

Edit Basic Information

To edit Basic Information:

  1. Click on "Basic Information"

  2. You can edit the following information:

    1. First Name and Last Name

      1. The names you set are organisation-specific. Any changes initiated by staff or other organisations will not impact the names you've configured.

    2. Email

    3. Home Address

    4. Phone number

      1. To find out how to change your staff’s phone number, visit the help article here

  3. Fill up relevant information > Click "Save"

Edit Emergency Contact

To edit Emergency Contact

  1. Click on "Emergency Contact"

  2. Fill up relevant information > Click "Save"

Work Information

Work information refers to details of the employee within the company. Details such as access level, and sections.

Access Levels

StaffAny has 4 categories of access levels, which determine the different settings and permissions users are allowed in StaffAny.

Note: only owners can change staff's access level.

To change a staff's access level:

1. Go to My Team > Click Staff’s name

2. Work Information > Access Level > Select access level > Click Save.

Add or Edit Roles

Allocate a role to your staff to help you better visualise your manpower allocation while scheduling.

  • Add roles by typing out the role name and press “Enter”.

  • Assign roles by selecting the role for the staff, and click 'Save'

Note: There is no way to delete roles once you have added them. To do so, contact us via the Help chat for assistance.

Add or Remove Sections

A section refers to a branch/department of an organisation. Organisations can manage manpower and scheduling needs using these sections.

Owners can un-assign staff from any section but can only assign staff to similar sections.


  1. Owner from Section A can only assign staff to Section A.

  2. Owner from Section A cannot assign staff to Section B

  3. Owner from Section A cannot unassign staff from Section B

To edit a staff's sections:

1. Go to My Team > Click on the Staff’s Name

2. Work Information >Go to the Sections column > select the section you wish to add > click Save

Add Join Date

Adding the staff's join date will provide visibility of time periods such as Probation periods and staff anniversary

  1. Go to My Team > Click on the Staff’s name

  2. Work Information > Join Date > Select the date > Click Save.

Note: Each time you update the join date for the staff, it will affect the available leaves and reset the entire leave balance.


You can add in the salary of your staff here, so that the respective manpower costs will be reflected while you are planning your schedule.

Only owners are able to see wage-related information.

Viewing Wage Information

  1. Go to My Team > Click Staff’s name

2. Look for Wages

You can indicate Overtime limits for specific staff here which overrides the overall blanket Overtime setting in Settings

Adding Wage Information

  1. Go to My team > Select a staff member > click on Wages

  2. Select a Wage Type. There are two types of wages in StaffAny: Salaried and Hourly.

    1. Staff with Salaried wages are paid a fixed salary monthly

    2. Staff with Hourly wages are paid by an hourly rate.

  3. Fill up the fields in the form

  4. Click on Save

Off & Leaves

This will only be indicated when the staff applies for, or are assigned leaves. OFF days are classified as leaves in our system and will be reflected here as well.

You can set your staff leave balance here in their individual profile and also set the Leave Costing towards a fixed outlet of your choice.

To set your staff’s leave balance:

1. Go to My Team > Click on the Staff’s name

2. Click on “Off and Leave”

3. Edit the leave balances > click “Save”.

Staff Tags

Staff tags help you schedule staff who are best fit for the shift.

At times, a staff with the necessary skills and training such as Vaccination Status or having a food certification is required for a shift.

With Staff Tags, you can track these skills & certifications to make better manpower allocations based on your requirements.

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