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Pushing Cash Incentive from EngageAny to Payroll
Pushing Cash Incentive from EngageAny to Payroll
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Do you reward cash incentives to your employees for completing a challenge? Now you can create Cash Company Fulfilled Rewards (CFR) to allow your staff to redeem cash with coins. Cash CFR redemptions are automatically pushed to payroll.

Learn more about the following below:

This article will explain to you how to set up, manage and push a Cash CFR to PayrollAny.

This guide will cover the following:

Setting Up

This section explains how to create a Cash CFR on EngageAny and view the new Cash Incentive Pay Item on Payroll.

Creating Cash CFR

1) To create a new Cash CFR, go to Engage > Rewards > Company Fulfilled > Click “Manage Company Fulfilled Reward”.

2) Click on “Add New Reward”.

3) In the popup below, select “Cash (Linked to PayrollAny)” and input the required information.

  • New Input

    • Cash Amount: Input the cash value to associate the reward to.

    • Note: This amount will be pushed to Payroll.

4) After creating the new Cash CFR, it will be reflected in the Rewards Table.

This is how it will look like on Mobile for employees:

New Cash Incentive Pay Item

A new Pay Item called “Cash Incentive” is displayed in the Pay Item list under the Pay tab. Learn more about Pay Items.

This pay item is defaulted to the following configuration:

  • CPF Type: Additional Wages

  • Category: Gross Addition

  • IR8A Code: Bonus*

  • Amount Type: EngageAny Company Fulfilled Reward

  • Default Amount: NA

  • Entitled To: All salaried & hourly employees

*Note: We help set your IR8A for this pay item so that you don't have to.

**Note: This pay item can only be seen and used if you have both PayrollAny and EngageAny. If you do not have either and are interested, please reach out to our sales representatives.

If the current configurations are not aligned with your current workflow, please reach out to the team and provide us feedback on it!

Managing Cash CFR on EngageAny

This section explains how to approve, fulfil or refund these Cash CFRs

Approving and pushing Cash CFR to payroll

1) To view the list of pending redemption requests, go to Engage > Rewards > “Manage Requests”.

In the Redemption Request page, if there are Cash CFR requests, it will look like this:

Cash CFR requests have “Cash” Reward Type and “Cash Amount”. You can filter based on Reward Types to narrow down your search.

To approve the request, simply click the “Tick”. This will display a popup where you need to indicate the Payroll month that you want to push the cash amount to.

Upon confirmation, the status of the Cash CFR will change to Approved. In addition, there is a short description of which payroll month the cash amount is being pushed to.

Note: You must approve the Cash CFR first before generating a payrun. Any cash CFR approved after the payrun is generated will not be included in that payrun.

Viewing Cash Incentive on Payroll

  1. To view the Cash Incentive in the payroll, simply go to Payroll > Payroll List.

  2. Select “Edit Payroll” on a payroll.

Within “Edit Payroll”, you can see “Cash Incentive” under the Pay Items Column. The amount shown in the input is the total cash amount of Cash CFR that the staff has been approved for.

For example, Staff A has 3 approved Cash CFRs, totalling to $50 ($20, $20, $10), that were all pushed to the February payroll. The cash amount shown in the text field should be $50.

Fulfilling Cash CFR

Once the cash incentive has been disbursed to the staff via payroll, you can set the request as “Fulfilled” by selecting “Fulfil”. A confirmation popup will appear.

Note: Once a request is fulfilled, you cannot refund back the coins to the affected staff.

All “Fulfilled” requests will be housed in the “Completed” tab.

Refunding Cash CFR

In the event when you need to refund the coins back to the staff, you can follow this refund flow.

1) Click “Refund” under the Actions column.

2) A popup will appear. Confirm to proceed with the refund.

After the refund is made, the affected staff should receive their coins. The request entry will be pushed to the “Completed” tab.

3) To remove the “Cash Incentive” pay item from the payroll, simply go to the payroll that the cash amount was pushed to and delete the “Cash Incentive” entry by clicking the “Trash” icon.

Note: After refunding, you will need to remove the pay item from the payroll to ensure that the cash incentive is not being counted.

Viewing Cash Incentive on Payslip

Cash Incentive will also appear in the staff’s payslips under the “Earnings (A)” section.

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