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How to remove an employee account from your organisation

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Platform: Web

Access Level: Owner & Manager

Deleting individual staff accounts should only be used if you added a wrong mobile number. For staff who has left the organisation, please proceed to their individual profile to deactivate their account so that you can preserve historical data (eg timesheets, personal data).

Deleting vs Deactivating Staff

  1. Deactivating is more flexible by preserving historical data (timesheets, personal data). Deleting removes all records completely.

  2. Deactivating is more flexible by allowing for reactivation of staff account when needed. Deleted accounts cannot be restored.

  3. Both will remove the staff from Schedule to prevent confusion.

Step 1: After navigating to the profile of the staff you want to delete, copy the URL, Full Name, and Phone Number.

  • Make sure to deactivate the staff first!

Step 2: Send an email to [email protected] in the following format:

Hi Willie,

My name is <Owner/Manager's Name> from <Organization Name>, <Section Name> (if any).

I hereby acknowledge the risks involved in removing this user from my organisation account, and would like to delete the staff account as shown here:


Full Name:

Mobile Number:

Step 3: StaffAny Team will get back to you within 2 working days confirming the user was removed. If the staff you are trying to delete has any previous records, we will not be able to delete them. This is to help preserve the data in your organisation account.

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