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TraceTogether Integration
How does StaffAny and TraceTogether work?
How does StaffAny and TraceTogether work?

Learn how to set up TraceTogether on StaffAny

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TraceTogether is a digital system the Government of Singapore implemented to facilitate contact tracing efforts in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Singapore. With StaffAny, you can easily set up the StaffAny <> TraceTogether integration so your employees will never forget to check in to TraceTogether. Learn more about the TraceTogether check-in flow here.

Integrating TraceTogether to StaffAny

Go to the StaffAny Web Section Settings, and click on the Section that you want to set up TraceTogether for. StaffAny Web App > Settings > Sections > Select Section>

Please note only Owner access level will be able to set this up.

Your Section is now integrated to TraceTogether!

TraceTogether setup is for one section. If you have multiple sections at different locations, continue to set up TraceTogether for each Section by selecting the Contact Tracing Integration option for each section.

Removing the TraceTogether Integration

Go to StaffAny Web Section Settings, and click on the Section you want to remove the integration. On the Contact Tracing Integration tab, turn off the ‘Integration is ON’ option and click Save.

Your past timesheet data will still be retained in the StaffAny system even after removing the TraceTogether Integration.

What’s next?

Learn about how your employees can check in to TraceTogether through StaffAny

This article is part of a collection to help with your COVID-19 response.

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