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Edit various details for all your staffs at once using the CSV mass edit feature!

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Stop jumping through your staffs profile and make changes for everyone at one go!

This help article covers the end-to-end process for Mass Edit Staff.

Note that this feature does not add new users. Learn how to mass add staff

How to Mass Edit

This feature uses the Mass Edit CSV. a spreadsheet that contains employee data. By editing the spreadsheet directly, you can edit data for multiple staffs at once.

Note that there are no limit to how many staffs you can edit at once

1. Downloading the Mass Edit CSV

In Web App, go to My Team > '+ Mass Add/Edit' > CSV - Edit Staff Details.

There are 2 ways to download the Mass Edit CSV

  1. Mass Edit All - downloads a CSV that contains all staffs

    • i.e. make changes to everyone

  2. Select Staff - downloads a CSV that contains selected staffs

    • i.e. make changes to a smaller group

2. Making changes to the Mass Edit CSV

Make changes directly to the CSV and save as Comma Separated Values (CSV)

Note that Phone Numbers must be in the following format

  • <+><country code><local number>

    • e.g. +6591234567

If your excel file does not have Phone Number in the above format, proceed with the following course of action

  • Open the downloaded CSV in Google Sheets. Learn how to do this

  • Edit Staff details on Google Sheet

  • Download Google Sheet as Comma Separated Values (CSV)

3. Import CSV to StaffAny

Once completed, upload the file and Submit

Upon submitting you will be prompted to lock your timesheet. This is to prevent the change in staff details from affecting past timesheets.

Field definitions for Mass Edit CSV

Employee ID (Optional)

  • Staff's ID that is used in your organisation/StaffAny; also useful for Payroll Integration if available.

  • Accepts all characters.

  • Must be unique for each staff.

Talenox ID (Optional)

  • This is hidden in the staff's profile if there is no StaffAny <> Talenox integration.

  • Must match the Talenox IDs exactly.

  • Must be unique for each staff.

First Name

  • Mandatory; Accepts all characters.

Last Name

  • Optional; Accepts all characters.

Phone Number

  • Include country code: e.g. '+65' for Singapore, '+60' for Malaysia.

  • Not Editable

    • We use phone numbers as the main login method for users. So it is kept as uneditable purposely to avoid mistakes.

Contract Type (parttime/fulltime)

  • Mandatory.

  • Accepts parttime & fulltime only [case sensitive].

Access Level (employee/supervisor/manager/owner)

  • Level of permission of staff in StaffAny. Read more about access levels here.

  • Mandatory.

  • Accepts employee, supervisor, manager, owner only [case insensitive].


  • Your staff's role(s) or designation in the organisation. eg: Staff, Waiter, Cashier etc

  • Allows to insert multiple roles. Please separate the roles by comma.

  • If a new role is entered, it will be created.

  • If it is left blank, then staff will have no roles, and hence will not appear on schedule. (useful for HR who do not need to clock in, but needs to monitor schedules/timesheets)


  • Mandatory.

  • Allows to insert multiple sections. Please separate the sections by comma.

  • Accepts all section tags listed at the column header of the CSV.

  • You can only add or remove those sections from a user to which you are tagged to.

Join Date (

  • The date when the staff joined.

  • Optional.

  • Accepts numbers.


  • Optional.

  • Accepts all characters.


  • Name of relative/friend who is to be contacted for emergencies.

  • Optional.

  • Accepts all characters.

Emergency Phone

  • Phone number of relative/friend who is to be contacted for emergencies.

  • Optional.

  • Accepts all characters.

Wage Type (Hourly Salaried)

  • Mention if staff is working as hourly wages or salaried in your organisation.

  • Optional.

  • Accepts HOURLY & SALARIED only [case insensitive].

Pay Cycle (Monthly Weekly)

  • Optional.

  • Accepts MONTHLY & WEEKLY only [case insensitive].

Wage (Optional)

  • Accepts numbers.

  • No need to input $ Symbol.

  • If left blank for individual staff, it will default to organisation level wage settings.

Weekend Rate per hour, Event Rate per hour, OT Rate per hour

  • Mention staff's wage values for weekends, events and overtime.

  • Optional.

  • Accepts numbers.

  • No need to input $ Symbol.

Daily OT after X hours, Weekly OT after X hours

  • Mention the threshold hours, after which staff will start incurring daily/weekly overtime.

  • Optional.

  • Accepts numbers.

Effective Pay Period (

  • If you edited any of the above wage hours or rates, specify the effective date in which it should be applicable for the staff.

  • Optional.

  • If left blank, will be considered as effective for all staff time records including all past time records.

Leave Costs Count Towards

  • All leave hours and costs assigned for this staff would be attributed and counted towards the selected section (only one section).

  • Optional.

  • Accepts one Section tag which is mentioned in the Sections column header itself.

User Status (active/inactive)

  • Mention if the user is Active or Inactive in the organisation.

  • Optional.

  • If left blank, it will be considered as no change from the previous state.

Index ID (Do Not Edit)

  • This column is what we use to do the magic behind StaffAny. Please do not make any changes to the values in this column. It will affect the import function.

4. Upload your CSV template > Click on 'Confirm' button.


  1. Is there a limit to the number of employees I can conduct mass edit at once?

    1. There's no limit, but the larger the number of rows, the longer it might take for the system to process.

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