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Leave Setup: Leave Accrual
Leave Setup: Leave Accrual

Learn how to set up Leave Accruals.

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Our leave accrual enables you to create more tailor-made leave types that are compliant with local laws. Define and set leave entitlements, accruals and leave carried forward for different groups of people within a few clicks. With leave accruals, the calculation and tracking of leaves become hassle-free.

Note: Growth plan accounts are restricted to a maximum of 3 leave types.

Follow these steps to set up the leave accruals module.

Step 1: Input Staff’s Join Date

Setting up your staff’s join date is necessary for the calculation of their leave entitlements.

Click here to find out how to update your staff’s join date

Step 2: Set up Leave Types and Accruals to Suit your Business Needs

  1. In Web app, go to Settings > Click on Off and Leave > Leave Types.

  2. On the leave you want to edit, click on More > Edit.

  3. Scroll down to Leave dispatch/allocation method > Select Accrued by completed months(prorated by months remaining in the period).

  4. Click Save.

Common Leave Types and Their Settings

The table below shows the MOM recommended leave types and their settings.

Create a New Leave Type

Other than the default leave types in StaffAny, you can also add leave types and make your leave dynamic and flexible. Read more here.

Click on the following articles to learn more about setting up your Leave Accruals.

Step 3: Set up Leave Approvers

Learn more about how to set up leave approvers through this article.

Find out more about how to approve staff's leave requests here.

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