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Add/Create New Leave Types
Add/Create New Leave Types

Customise leave types for your business!

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Different organisations offer different leave types. At StaffAny, the most frequently used leave types have been pre-set within the system for your convenience.

  1. Annual Leave

  2. Medical Leave

  3. Unpaid Leave

  4. Off Day

  5. Off-in-Lieu

Other than these default leave types in StaffAny, you can also add leave types and make your leave flexible and unique to your business.

Creating a new leave type

Click Settings > Off and Leave > Leave Types > Add Leave.

There are a few things needed for a leave type creation:

  1. Leave Name

  2. Leave Tag

  3. Entitlement period

  4. Leaves Dispatch/Allocation method. Read more here.

  5. When the leaves can be taken

  6. What happens to unused leaves

  7. Progressive leave entitlement

  8. Other settings

Edit or Delete Leave Type:

Click More beside the leave type you want to edit/delete and click on Edit or Delete. 

Do note that deleting a leave type will result in all past/pending leave applications associated to that leave type to be deleted as well!

Sort Leave Types
You can also drag and drop the leave types to sort them in the order you want to view them!


The table below shows the MOM recommended leave types and their settings.

Click on the following articles to learn more about our Leave Management System.

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