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Leave Setup: Entitlement Period and Allocation Method
Leave Setup: Entitlement Period and Allocation Method
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This guide will cover the following:

Entitlement Period

The Leave Entitlement Period defines when the staff’s leaves should be refreshed/carried over.

  1. In Web app, go to Settings > Off and Leave > Leave Types.

  2. Choose a leave type > Click More > Click Edit.

  3. Scroll down until you see Entitlement Period.

    Calendar year (1 Jan to 31 Dec)

    Choosing calendar year means that leave entitlement is calculated from 1 Jan to 31 Dec. Entitlement period for all employees will be the same when you select this option.


    Join Date: 1 June 2021

    Note: Leaves will be refreshed on 1st Jan at 0000 Hour every year at midnight.

    Anniversary of employee’s join date

    The 1st year will always be calculated from the employee’s join date. Thus, different employees have different leave cycles depending on their join date.


    Join Date: 1 December 2021

    Note: The leaves will be refreshed on the anniversary of your staff’s join date at midnight.

    Unlimited Balance

    This option is for special leave types like Off, Rest days and Unpaid Leave. This option essentially makes it 'unlimited', and StaffAny will not track the balance.

    Note: Use this option if you want new staff to automatically have these types of leaves!

    Non-entitlement based leave types

    This option is for leave types that do not have a fixed entitlement like Off-In-Lieu and PH Replacement Leave. Learn more about how to setup such leave types here.

  4. Click Save.

Note: Leave days' decimals are rounded.

  • If the pro-rated day is less than 0.5, its rounded down.

    E.g. 13.3 days is rounded down to 13 days

  • If the pro-rated day is 0.5 or more, its rounded up.

    E.g. 18.5 days is rounded up to 19 days

Leave Dispatch/Allocation Method

This section allows you to set how many leaves a staff should receive at a given point in time and how to do it.

  1. In Web app, go to Settings > Off and Leave > Leave Types.

  2. Choose a leave type > Click More > Click Edit.

  3. Scroll down until you see Leaves Dispatch/Allocation Method.

    Proration of the number of days of initial leaves to allocate to staff applies to both the “Available Upfront” and “Accrued by Months” leaves allocation method.

    The formula for the calculation of general entitled leaves is:

    Available upfront (prorated by months remaining in the period)

    By choosing this option, when an employee joins the company halfway through the period of entitlement, his/her leave entitlement will be prorated according to the number of remaining days/months in a year.

    This means that leaves will be available all at once to your employees at the start of a new period of entitlement.

    Accrued by completed months (prorated by months remaining in the period)

    By choosing this option, it means that the employee throughout the year will earn leaves according to the completed months that they have worked for the company. The leaves will then be gradually allocated to each staff every month.

    The formula for calculating the number of days of leave is:


    An employee with 7 days leaves entitlement with a ‘Calendar year” period of entitlement when he checks his leave balances in July. His leave balances will be accrued based on the number of completed months that have already passed.

    (7 days leave entitlement ÷ 12 months) x 7 completed months = 4 days (Rounding based on MOM recommendation)

    Hence, the staff will have 4 days of accrued leaves in his leave balances.

    The table below includes the detailed calculation for staff with 7 days leave entitlement. It indicates how the accrued leaves are calculated, the leave balance for the staff each month and how the leaves are dispatched each month. The total number of leaves by the end of the year should add up to be 7.

Entitlement Period + Allocation Method

The below includes the differences to the ‘Accrued by completed months’ option depending on the choice of the entitlement period.

Click on the following articles to learn more about setting up your Leave Accruals.

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