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Mobile App: First Time Logging In
Mobile App: First Time Logging In

How to login Mobile app for first time?

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Platform: Mobile

Access Level: Owner/Manager/Supervisor/Employee

This guides covers the following:

Added Manually by Manager

You will receive an SMS with a link to download StaffAny App after your manager added you into the system.

If you did not receive the SMS, you may still download the app directly from Apple App Store/Google Play Store/Huawei AppGallery by searching 'StaffAny Employee Scheduling'.

Your mobile number is your unique user ID. Please login with the same mobile number your manager added in. An SMS OTP will be sent to verify your account.

If you have trouble logging in (e.g. did not receive OTP, 'Not in a team') you can refer to these articles instead for more information.

  1. In Mobile app, once logged in, fill in your details > upload a photo/take a photo.

    Email input is optional, you may enter a space if you do not have an email address.

  2. You are done!

Added via Invite Code

After registering your account with StaffAny, follow the instructions below to key in your section's invite code

Send Request to Join with Invite Code

Each invite code is unique to a section/department in the organisation on StaffAny.

  1. Enter the invite code provided by your manager

  2. Tap on Send Request to Join

  3. Wait for your owner or manager to approve your request

Withdraw Join Request

If you have submitted the wrong invite code, tap on the Withdraw Join Request button. You will be able to enter the correct invite code again.

Request Approval

Managers or Owners of the section will need to approve the request to join a team before you can start using StaffAny.

Once approved, you will be instantly brought into StaffAny and you may start using the app.

Request Rejection

Your request was likely rejected because you have submitted the wrong invite code or your manager might have rejected it by mistake.

You can tap on Create new Join Request to try again.

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