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Platform: Web

Access Level: Owner & Manager

This guide covers the following:

Owners & Managers are now able to view a breakdown of the hours and cost saved within the Web App.

1. In the Web App, go to Reports > Savings Report

Hours Saved

This report shows the hours that StaffAny has helped save for your team.

Total Hours indicate the actual amount of hours worked by your team minus Rounded hours. This is done using StaffAny’s magnetic rounding feature.

Hours saved indicates the excess hours that are saved by your team. This is possible with Timeclock Sidekick.

Hours saved across time

This graph indicates the hours StaffAny has saved for your business over a period of time.

Hours saved across Sections

This graph indicates the hours StaffAny has helped save your business across the different sections that your business has.

Cost Saved

This indicates the estimated manpower cost saved by your team. It can be estimated by multiplying total hours saved with your team’s average hourly wage.

Please input your team’s average hourly wage in the highlighted portion shown in the image below.

This will provide visibility of the cost saved by using StaffAny.

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