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StaffAny "Refer a Friend" Program
StaffAny "Refer a Friend" Program

Love using StaffAny? Invite your friends to try StaffAny and get rewarded at the same time!

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Platform: Web & Mobile

Access Level: Owner, Manager, Supervisor, Employee

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What is the StaffAny “Refer a Friend” Program

The StaffAny “Refer a Friend” program rewards existing StaffAny users with StaffAny Credits for referring business owner friends to use StaffAny. Both the Advocate (Person who referred) and the Referee (Person being referred) will be rewarded in the program.

How to get your unique referral link

Anyone can refer a friend to StaffAny, regardless of whether you are an Owner, Manager or even an Employee! You can do this by sharing your unique referral code or link, which can be found on both the Web App and Mobile.

Getting Referral Code on Web App

  1. In the Web App, Click on the arrow next to your profile photo > Click on “Referrals

  2. Click on “Copy Invite Link” and send it to your friend

Getting Referral Code on Mobile

  1. In the Mobile App, Go to “More” > Select “ Refer a Friend

  2. Click on “Share Invite Link” and send it to your friends

How to receive your reward

Referee (Person who was referred)

Upon signing up using a referral code or referral link, referees instantly earn StaffAny credits they can use to offset any StaffAny paid subscription. More details will be sent via email upon signing up, including how to claim these credits.

Advocate (Person who referred)

A StaffAny Representative will reach out to you with more details and instructions on how to claim your rewards when your Referee completes the following tasks:

  • Gets 2 other staff to clock in

  • Signs up for any paid plan

To learn more, go to your “Refer a Friend” page on the Web App or mobile. The referral Terms and Conditions apply.

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