Integrate Swingvy with StaffAny

Match your staff to users in Swingvy to pull timesheet data from StaffAny to Swingvy

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Swingvy is a cloud-based HR & Payroll software. You can connect StaffAny to Swingvy to decrease the manual work and increase the accuracy of running payroll, based on work hours tracked and consolidated in StaffAny.

This guide will cover the following:

Setting Up the Integration

To connect Swingvy to StaffAny, follow the steps below:

  1. In Swingvy, go to HR Hub > Settings > Integrations

  2. Click on "Configure integration"

  3. Click on the "Settings" button on the right-hand side of the page

    Make sure all employees are enrolled in HR Hub > People > Manage people before you can proceed with the integration.

  4. Go to your StaffAny account

  5. In StaffAny, go to Settings > Integrations > Swingvy

  6. Copy API token and Organisation ID from StaffAny and paste it in Swingvy - Configure settings

  7. Click on "Save"

Note: You are no longer able to change the API token and Organisation ID when they are set.

Importing Employees from Swingvy to StaffAny

In this section, you will learn how to match your employees on Swingvy to your staff on StaffAny.

  1. In Swingvy, click on "Edit" right next to Employee mapping.

  2. Tick on Swingvy (Employee) if you would like to map all employees or you may select certain employees.

    • If you want to un-map the connection, you can simply untick it. As long as they’re ticked, they need to be mapped with a staff.

  3. Click on "Save"

    Note: You will need to match each Swingvy (Employee) to StaffAny (Staff) individually.

  4. Go to "Run Payroll" and the “Integrations” button will be displayed


    Basic Salary is not visible if the employee is mapped to StaffAny (even before importing a timesheet data). This is because the Basic Salary will be imported from StaffAny.

    Example: The basic salary for Alen Mullin is removed because he is a mapped employee with StaffAny user while Amy is not.

    Screenshot 2022-07-19 at 11.30.28 AM
    Screenshot 2022-07-19 at 11.31.36 AM

Generate Payroll by Syncing StaffAny Time Attendance

Once you have completed the employee mapping, you may proceed to import StaffAny Timesheet data to Swingvy.

  1. In Swingvy, go to Payroll > Run Payroll

  2. Select payroll period

  3. Click on Integration > Import StaffAny Timesheet Data

  4. Choose the period of the timesheet and employees


    You can choose to use our Timesheet Lock to protect worked hours from any edits before running payroll. This will make your payroll processing cleaner.


    Only employees who are checked in Employee mapping will be displayed here

  5. Click on Import

    Note: You cannot make edits once it’s imported. If you want to amend any Timesheet data, please do it in your StaffAny account and import a new timesheet again.

Removing Imported Timesheet Data

If you would like to remove the imported timesheet data from the payroll, you may use the "clean up" option and re-import the data again.

Screenshot 2022-07-19 at 2.11.10 AM

Note: If you import any timesheet data again, the previous imported data will be replaced with the latest timesheet data.


Missing Work Hours

If no work hours are tracked in StaffAny, no data will be imported to Swingvy.


How Work Hours are Imported into Swingvy

We have two types of wages (Salaried and Hourly). Swingvy payroll will display each type differently. Click here to learn how to set up Wage Types on StaffAny

Salaried Staff

In StaffAny, staff with Salaried wages are paid a fixed salary monthly. There are two types of worked hours:

  • Monthly wage: 'Wage per month in StaffAny'

  • OT hours: 'Overtime rate in StaffAny' x No. of hours worked

This is how it will be displayed in Swingvy’s payroll table:


This is how it will be displayed in Swingvy’s payslip:

Basic Salary = Monthly wage

Hourly Staff

In StaffAny, staff with Hourly wages are paid by an hourly rate. There are four types of worked hours:

  • Basic hours: 'Wage per hour in StaffAny' x No. of hours worked

  • Weekend hours: 'Weekend rate in StaffAny' x No. of hours worked

  • Event hours: 'Event rate in StaffAny' x No. of hours worked

  • OT hours: 'Overtime rate in StaffAny' * No. of hours worked

Other than OT hours, all worked hours will be counted as “Basic salary” in Swingvy’s payroll table and employee’s payslip.

This is how it will be displayed in Swingvy’s payroll table:

This is how it will be displayed in Swingvy’s payslip:

Basic Salary = Basic hours + Weekend hours + Event hours


1. Must I login to Swingvy to view my payslip?

Companies can choose to deliver payslips to employees via email. If the “Email will contain the PDF payslip file with password protection” setting is selected, employees can directly download their payslip from the email without having to enter Swingvy.

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