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Indicative Attrition Rate
Indicative Attrition Rate

Monitor the attrition rate for each month and understand how well your company retains employees.

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This guide will cover the following:

How Indicative Attrition Rate is derived

Note: Only those with Owner and Manager access levels can view the Indicative Attrition Rate.

Indicative Attrition Rate is the rate at which employees leave the company.

Formula used Indicative Attrition Rate:

Indicative Attrition Rate = (Number of deactivated users in the month / Average Number of employees in the month) * 100%

Where Average Number of Employee = (Total number of active users at the start of the month + Total number of active users at the end of the month)/2

Avg num of employees of the month = (Total Number of active users at the start of the month + Total Number of active users at the end of the month/2

Note: The current formula used to calculate Attrition Rate will be improved continuously.

  1. On the Reports page, click on “Staff Retention” to view the Attrition Rate graph.

  2. Select the date range and section of interest.

Monthly Indicative Attrition Rate breakdown

  1. Hover/Click on any data points on the graph to see the selected month’s attrition rate and the number of staff accounts that were deactivated.

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