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Managing Rewards Catalogue
Managing Rewards Catalogue

Manage your organization's reward catalogue.

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Tier: NA

Product: EngageAny

Platform: Web

Access Level: Owner & Manager

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This article will explain to you how to set up your rewards and how your staff can redeem those rewards. To learn more about how employees redeem rewards, click here.

This guide will cover the following:

Rewards Catalogue

1) To access the Reward Catalogue, select Engage > Rewards.

The rewards catalogue houses all the rewards that your staff can claim with their coins. Here, Owners and managers can manage the rewards staff can see, including creating new rewards, editing existing rewards, activating/deactivating rewards, and managing staff’s coins.

There are different reward types found in the Rewards Catalogue.

Rewards Type



Partner Vouchers (Coming Soon)

Vouchers that are purchased from StaffAny’s partners.

  • Grab Vouchers

  • NTUC Vouchers

Off In Lieu (Coming Soon)

For staff to redeem an off day.


Other rewards that is manually created by the organization.

  • Movie Tickets

  • Digital Items such as Cameras, Tablets

  • Self Purchased Gift Vouchers

Adding New Rewards

Note: Only owners and managers can add new rewards.

1) Access the Reward Catalogue by selecting Engage > Rewards.

2) To add a new reward, select “Add Reward”.

3) Fill up the Add a New Rewardform with the relevant information.




Reward Name

Name that describes the reward

Description (Optional)

A short description on what the reward is.

Give a short description of the reward for your employees to learn more about the reward.

Your Email

Email that the redemption request will be sent to, which notifies owners that an employee has requested to redeem a reward.

This field is pre-populated with the email of the person who is creating the reward.

Use an owner or manager level email who will be managing the redemption requests.

Upload Image (Optional)

Upload an image for the reward.

Upload an image that describes the reward clearly so that users know what the reward is about.

Upload a square image to get the best resolution. Click here to use a cropping tool.

Reward Type (Coming Soon)

Categories of each reward.


Set the reward’s quantity.

Note: The quantity will decrease every time the reward is successfully redeemed. When the quantity is 0, it will be shown as out of stock, so staff won’t be able to redeem the reward

Coins Cost

Amount of coins needed to redeem the reward.

Set this based on the amount of coins you set in the challenges that you created.

Set cost in either hundreds or thousands, eg 400 or 4000.

Access Level

Decide the eligibility of the reward according to the user access levels.


Status of whether the reward is active or inactive.

Set active if you want your employees to be able to redeem the reward.

Set inactive if you are still in the process of setting up new reward.

4) Once done, select “Save”. The newly created reward will be displayed in the rewards catalogue.

Edit Reward

1) To edit a reward, click on the Triple Dot icon and select “Edit”.

2) Make the necessary changes.

3) Once done, select “Save”.

Deactivate/Activate Reward

You can deactivate rewards if you do not want your employees to see the reward on their reward catalogue. Activate rewards to let employees see them on their reward catalogue.

1) To deactivate a reward, click on the “Triple Dot” icon and select “Deactivate”.

2) A confirmation message will appear. Select “Deactivate” to proceed.

Note: Staff cannot redeem a reward that has been deactivated.

To activate an inactive reward, follow the following steps:

1) Click on the “Triple Dot” icon and select “Activate”.

2) A confirmation message will appear. Select “Activate” to proceed.

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