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A Section can be explained as locations, worksites or planning units in your organisation. For example, outlet A, store A, bar A, kitchen A, front of house, back of house and etc.

You are required to set up a Scheduling Method for each section.

Do note that Scheduling Method is different from Timeclock Method:

Scheduling Method: how employees are scheduled

Timeclock Method: how employees clock in

This guide covers the following:

Types of Scheduling Methods

There are three types of Scheduling Methods:

  1. Scheduled Shift (Most popular option)

  2. Fixed Shift

  3. Flexi

  1. Scheduled Shift (Most popular option)

    Employees have to be scheduled into shifts, to clock in and out of those shifts. Choose this for business units with dynamic weekly or monthly schedules, like Restaurants, Bars, Retail, Events etc.

  2. Fixed Shift

    Employees have a fixed start and end time they have to report to work every day. Choose this for businesses like Offices, Clinics, Manufacturing, Warehousing etc.

    Note: Fixed shift will be automatically published every Sunday between 12am - 5am. New staff tagged to the section in the middle of fixed shift hours will only be assigned (and be able to clock in) the next full fixed shift.

    Example: For a fixed shift rule of Mon-Fri 9 am - 5pm. If a new staff joins on Wed 12pm, he can only clock in on Thu.

  3. Flexi Scheduling Method

    Employees will be allowed to clock in anytime. Choose this if there is no fixed work timing.

    Example: Work From Home, Cleaning or Delivery services, Sales Teams, and Freelancers.

How it works:

When employees clock in, they just need to send an Unscheduled Shift Request under their assigned section. It will be auto approved and reflected in the Timesheet.


Employees need to work a total number of hours in a day, but are flexible with their start and end times.

Most of your staff typically work from 9 am to 6 pm but there are some who work from 7 am to 5 pm.

The total time tracked should be 9 hours in total, regardless of their start/end time (inclusive of lunch breaks).

This is often used as an alternative for the Fixed Shift Scheduling Method, and is suitable for Offices.

Summary of Scheduling Methods


For Flexi Scheduling Method on Fixed Hours,

Please set up your OT indication (Use the Daily OT limit to indicate the Fixed Hours Employees should work every day).

Only users with Owner or Manager access levels are able to view the OT indication.

Set Up Scheduling Method

  1. In Web app, go to Settings > Click on Sections > Click on the section you want to set up Scheduling Method.

  2. Click on Scheduling & Timeclock > Click on edit icon.

  3. Select the Scheduling Method that is suitable for the selected section.

    Note: For Fixed Shift, You are required to fill in working hours!!

  4. Click Save. You are done!

Find out more about other Section settings like Timeclock Methods and Contact Tracing (Trace Together & MySejahtera).

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