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General Questions

Scale and Enterprise accounts have full access to leaves features.

For CICO, Essential and Growth plan accounts, the full leave access experience will be available till 31st July 2021. After that, these accounts will be restricted as follows:

  • Accrual (Leave Types) - Accounts in these tiers can create upto a maximum of 3 leave types only.

  • Routing - Accounts in these tiers can have only one tier of routing and that will be set as “All Managers and Owners” option.

Questions on Leave Types, Accrual and balances

What leave types will be assigned to a newly added staff?

  • All newly added staff will have only those leave types that are of the type "Don't have balances and entitlements"

  • This is because for other leave types, a lot of factors about the staff will determine if a leave type is applicable for staff or not. Therefore StaffAny does not automate it. HR will have to manually add/remove leave types to staff. You can read more about it here.

Does StaffAny automatically assign leave types based on staff's gender, residential status, spouse details etc?

  • No, we do not support adding certain personal details like gender, NS duty, spouse details, child details and auto assigning leaves to staff based on that.

  • Eg: If staff is male ⇒ paternity leave. If female ⇒ maternity leave. This should be set manually.

What happens to staff's leave balance when is applied and approved for next entitlement period?

  • Leave application can be sent based on staff’s maximum entitlement limit for the next entitlement period.

  • If approved, the balance will be subtracted when the next period hits only. Note that current balance will not be affected since staff is taking advance leave from their next entitlement period.

What happens to my staff's leave balance when I deactivate them?

  • Inactive user will not be considered for calculation

  • After the user is reactivated, the leave balance will still be the old one. Then the calculations/automation will kick in from the month they are reactivated from.

What is the calculation logic for different leave type settings?

Explained with an example below:

  • Assume for Year 1 => Entitled days = 14

  • Assume for Year 2 => Entitled days = 28

  • Check the following logic table with this configuration to understand how the system works.

Can I add a join date to my staff on a date that is Timesheet Locked in StaffAny?

  • Yes, Join date can be changed/added to a date that is locked.

Edit/Cancel Approved Leaves

Who can edit or cancel or delete a leave after it has been approved?

  • Basically the highest approver can edit or cancel a staff's leave after it has been approved.

    • If your organisation is on a 2-tier approval system:

      • ONLY the 2nd approver can edit/cancel the leave if the application is approved by 2nd approver.

      • 1st approver can edit/cancel the leave if the application is not approved by 2nd approver yet.

    • If your organisation is on a 1-tier approval system, the approver can edit/cancel the leave.

  • Staff can edit/withdraw/cancel the approved leave too.

How to do edit/delete a leave that has been approved?

  1. Select a leave that has been approved. You can do that in Timesheets or in Schedule

2. Select "Edit" or 'Decline'

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