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Leave Setup: Managing Leave Balance & Leave Migration
Leave Setup: Managing Leave Balance & Leave Migration

Manage your staff's leave balance

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Edit your staff's leave balance in StaffAny app instead of doing it manually on spreadsheets. The balance will be auto adjusted according to the number of approved leaves your staff has.

If you are doing a leave migration and setting up leaves in StaffAny, we recommend the following steps to ensure you have accurate leave balance from pro-ration and migration. Do also ensure that the updated balance is correct as of the target implementation date.

E.g. You intend to start live rollout of tracking leaves on StaffAny on 1 Apr 2022.

We recommend you to calculate the balance as of 31 Mar, then actually update the leave balance on 31 Mar. Hence, you can do a live roll-out on 1 Apr!


Before updating the leave balance, please complete the following steps first:

This guide covers the following:

Update Leave Balance Individually

  1. In Web app, go to My Team > Select a staff.

  2. Click on Leaves card.


    In Off and Leave, click on View Full History and Details > Click on edit icon.

  3. Edit Leave Settings.

You will be able to edit the following details:

  • Rollover and the entitlement of a leave type

    You can edit the Rollover Balance and Balance For This Period.

    Note: ∞ means the balance is unlimited or you could not edit as it follows the rules set in Settings > Off and Leave.

    You are able to know the Total Balance for each leave type.

    Hover over the eye icon. You are to able to know the details of the entitled leaves.

    E.g. how many leaves will be forfeited, how many leaves will be carried forward and their dates.

  • Add/remove leave types

    To add leave types,

    Click in the box > Search and click on the leave type that you want to allocate to the staff.

    To remove leave types,

    Click on X icon beside the leave type.

  • Add in default leave hours

    You can add in default leave hours so that it will help you automatically fill the staff’s leave hours on Leave Applications, Schedule and Timesheet.

  • What leave costs count towards

    You can allocate the section the leave costs of the staff count towards.

  • Add notes

    You can add notes for the staff.

    E.g. 'Special leaves policy for Felicia'

4. After finish editing the leave settings for the staff, click on Save.

Mass Update Leave Balance

Instead of editing the staff leave balance individually, you can download the CSV file template to mass edit and update.

  1. In Web app, go to Settings > Off and Leave > Click on Mass Update.

  2. Click on Download.

  3. Open and input new leave balance in the CSV file > Upload the edited CSV file > Click Submit.

How do Rollover and Entitlement interact?

Assuming leave set up is by calendar year and there is leave rollover.

On 1 Jan 2022,

  • 2022's entitlement will be auto-assigned and populated in 2022's entitlement

  • 2021’s entitlement will be carried forward into 2022’s rollover

  • 2021's rollover column will be removed (thrown away) in 2022

Hence, if you want to rollover 2021 leave balances into 2022, please input 2021's entitlement.

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