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Deactivating Sections

Article on activating and deactivating Sections

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Platform: Web

Access Level: Owner and Managers

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Deactivating Sections

You can now deactivate sections that are not in use - perfect for sections no longer in operation or undergoing renovation.

  1. On the Web App, o to “Settings” > “Sections”.
    Under the “Active” Tab, select the section you want to deactivate

  2. Under the “General” tab > Click “Deactivate Section”

  3. Check the box > Click on “Proceed to Deactivate”

Note: Once a section is deactivated, you can no longer schedule or clock-in to them. However, staff can still be added to these sections.

Reactivating Sections

You can also reactivate sections if you need to use them again, such as when renovations have been completed or an outlet has reopened.

  1. On the Web App, go to “Settings” > “Sections”.
    Under the “Inactive” Tab, select the section you want to reactivate

  2. Under the “General” tab > Click on “Reactivate Section”

  3. Click on “Reactivate”

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