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Q: What if the staff forgets to clock in or clock out?

A: Managers can go to the staff Timesheet to override the clock out timing and indicate in the remarks the reason for amending the time. To find out more, refer to this link for the Timesheet amendments article

Q: What does the exclamation points refer to in the Timesheet?

A: These represent issues that require your attention to resolve. You can refer to our StaffAny Glossary article for more information.

Q: Can I only amend the Timesheet on the day itself?

A: No, you can amend the Timesheet at any point of time even if the shift has passed.

Q: Why are some timings highlighted in green?

A: Original clocked timings are in black and amended timings are in green.

Q: Can I amend the break in and break out time taken?

A: Unlike clocked in and out timings, you can only amend the break duration instead for staff. If staff took 90 mins worth of break, simply amend it to 60 mins (supposed time) and the system will deduct and reflect the correct hours in total accordingly.

Q: When staff clocks in earlier than scheduled, can StaffAny count the clock in time as the scheduled shift start time?

A: Yes, only owners can set this up in Timeclock Sidekick, find out more here to set up timeclock sidekick.

Q: How frequently should I check the Timesheet to ensure all data are up to date?

A: StaffAny advise users to do it at the end of every week so that you will still be able to address less discrepancies over time instead of everything at the end of the month.

Q: What is the difference between Summary Export and Individual Export?

A: Summary Export shows the overview of the consolidated total hours planned and worked in the period selected. Individual Export breaks down into a daily basis of the hours planned and worked with more detailed information pertaining to each shift. To find out more, please refer to this article.

Q: How do I prevent further changes on Timesheet?

A: You can use Timesheet Lock to prevent further changes up to a certain period. Please refer to this Timesheet Lock article for more information.

Q: How is OT counted for my staff?

A: This is dependent on the OT settings selected for your organisation. Our best practices for OT article illustrates how Daily and Weekly OT is calculated based on real data.

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