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Timesheet Discrepancies
Timesheet Discrepancies

Ensuring your Timesheet is properly consolidated for payroll using our Exclamation marks

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Before processing your timesheet for payroll, we recommend go through this list of checks for your staffs timesheet to check for any potential discrepancies!

This help article covers the following

1. Outstanding issues that require attention

Issues that require attention are indicated with an exclamation mark that follows the number of issues. Without resolving these issues, your timesheet will not be reflected accurately.

The sign below indicates 1 issue requiring your attention

Issues type:

This issue could be one of the following reasons:

Missing Clock out

When staff do not clock out, you are required to fill in their clock out time for them. Otherwise, the hours worked by the staff will not be recorded in the timesheet. Learn how to edit timesheet records

StaffAny has a feature for auto clock-out. Learn more

Pending Leave Request

Pending leaves will not be reflected unless they are approved/rejected.

Pending Unscheduled Clock In Request

When staff clock in for a shift that is not scheduled for them. It is reflected as an Unscheduled Clock In. Without approving these clock ins, the shift will not reflected on the timesheet.

Pending Work More Approval

Work More Approval is a feature to prevent unnecessary overtime, and must be approved before being reflected on the timesheet. Learn how to approve/reject Work More Approval

How to solve it

There is some way to solve the discrepancy:

Web App via Notification

  1. Navigate to Notifications (🔔) in the web app.

  2. Click “Pending Timesheet” or “Leave Request”

  3. Review by clicking on each request card to navigate to the individual timesheets. Open via Notification will trigger the discrepancy filter in the timesheets

Web App via Timesheet

  1. Go to Timesheet Tab in Web App > Select a staff individual timesheet that has a discrepancy (!) status

  2. The discrepancy will be highlighted in red

2. Checking for Absence

Staff who are absent for their shift will be reflected as Abst under the Tag column.

Click on the staff to find out which days they are absent for, and make any due adjustments such as

  • MC that was not uploaded

  • Annual Leave that was not recorded

3. Differences

If your staff's actual working hours are more or less than what they are scheduled for, they will be reflected in the timesheet as follows

  • If actual working hours are more than scheduled, the extra hours will be shown as a red positive number

  • If the actual working hours are less than scheduled, the missing hours will be shown as a negative value

It is recommended on a weekly basis, Managers will go through each staff individual Timesheet to ensure all clocked hours are accounted for.

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