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Mobile App: Schedule (Employee View)
Mobile App: Schedule (Employee View)

Plan your schedule by creating and assigning shifts.

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Platform: Mobile

Access Level: Owner & Manager

With the new Employee View Mobile Scheduling, you can now more easily manage your staff in the palm of your hand. Quickly make changes on the go and ensure that shifts are properly scheduled over the week, at one glance.

What’s great about the new Mobile Scheduling?

  • Similar scheduling experience as Web app

  • 7 Day View to see the week’s schedule

  • Quick Scheduling Actions like Copy Week for faster scheduling

Before starting

Make sure that you have done the following before proceeding:

This guide will cover the following:

Switching Views

To switch between the Employee and Shift views, tap on the Sliders icon on the top right-hand corner.

Select either “Employee” or “Shift” to switch to the respective view, and tap “Save” when done.

Employee View

The all-new Employee View follows the familiar format of your calendar, allowing you to visualise your staff’s shifts and leaves by week. Each column represents a day in the week.

Changing week

To view different weeks on the Employee View, tap on the Calendar icon.

In the “Select Week” pop-up, tap on any day in the week you would like to view. To view different months, you can tap “Next” or “Previous” respectively.

Switching to different sections

To view different sections, tap on the Section Name at the top. In this case, it is “City Hall”.

Then, in the “Select Section” pop-up, tap on the section you would like to switch to.

Assign & Remove Shifts

With the new Employee View, you can easily create, assign, and remove staff from shifts by day.

There are 2 ways to assign a shift to a staff:

  1. Assigning an existing shift

To learn more about assigning shifts on mobile, click here.

Creating a new shift

  1. To create a new shift, tap on the “+” Box under the relevant staff and the day you want to create a shift on. For this example, we will be creating a shift for Albert Tan on Tuesday, 09 Nov 2021.

  2. If another shift for the day exists, tap “Create new shift” at the bottom.

  3. Fill in the “Create Shift” form with the relevant details. When done, tap on “Create” to proceed. Click here to learn more about creating shifts.

4. The shift has been created and assigned! To assign another shift on the same day, tap on the mini “+” box under the existing shift.

Assigning an existing shift

You can assign shifts that have been created for the week to a staff. We will be using the example below to help you visualise how to assign an existing shift better.

In this example, I want to assign an existing shift called “Morning Shift” for Albert Tan on Tuesday, 9 Nov.

  1. To assign a shift based on the example above, select the “+” Box under both Albert Tan and 9 Nov. An “Assign Shift/Leave” page will appear.

  2. Tap on the existing shift “1000 - 1400 (Morning Shift)” to expand the drop-down.

  3. Select the desired role. In this example, we will be assigning the “Staff” role to Albert.

  4. When done, tap “Assign”.

Editing / Removing a staff's shift

  1. To edit an assigned shift, tap on the respective shift slot.

  2. Tap on the fields to make the relevant edits.

  3. When done, tap “Save”.

Note: If you want to remove the shift for the staff, tap on the “Remove” button instead.

Managing Pending Leave Requests

Now you can visualise the weekly schedule filled with both shifts and leaves. You can view any leave requests that are either approved or pending for the week on the Employee view.

Tap on an assigned leave to learn more about it and either accept or decline the request.

Here are some articles you can refer to learn more about Leaves:

Manual Leave Application

As an owner/manager, you can manually add leaves for your employees via the Employee View.

Assigning a Leave

  1. To assign a leave, first tap on a “+” slot.

  2. Select the “Off & Leaves” tab on top.

  3. Fill in the leave application form and hit “Save” to assign the leave application.

Editing / Unassigning a Leave

You can edit a leave that you have allocated previously by tapping on an assigned leave on the Employee View. Then, edit the fields in the “Edit Leave” window. When done, tap “Save”.

Note: To unassign a leave, set the leave type as “None”.

Clashing Shifts

When assigning a new shift to staff that clashes with an existing shift, a pop-up will appear to prompt you. You may still choose to assign the shift by tapping “Assign Shift Anyway”.

Clashing shifts will be highlighted with a red mark on the top left corner of a shift. You can find more information on the clash by tapping on the affected shift.

Viewing other sections’ shifts

Shifts from other sections are indicated in grey, with the name of the section displayed on the shift. You can find out more about the shift by tapping on it.

Other section shifts can be edited only by the Owner or Manager from that section. You will need to contact them if any edits are needed.

Publishing a week

After the shifts for a week have been assigned, the “Publish” button will appear at the bottom of the screen. Tap “Publish” to publish the week.

Unpublishing a week

To unpublish a published week, tap on the More icon in the top right-hand corner and tap on “Unpublish Week” in the pop-up menu.

Quick Scheduling Actions

Similar to the Web version, we have actions to speed up your scheduling experience. You can find these actions by tapping on the More icon in the top right-hand corner.

Copy shifts to another week

  1. Select a week to copy the shifts to via the dropdown list.

  2. Choose what type of staff you would like to copy, along with the shifts to be automatically assigned.

  3. Select “Copy”.

Note: You cannot copy shifts to a week that has shifts already assigned to it. Please delete the whole week before copying (see next section).

Delete whole week

  1. After selecting “Delete whole week” from the pop-up menu, a confirmation dialog will appear. Tap “Delete” to proceed, and all shifts for the week will be deleted.

Note: You cannot delete a published week. Please unpublish the week before deleting the week.

If the week contains clocked records, you also cannot delete the week. To delete them, refer to this article on “Deleting Staff’s Clocked Records”.

Export schedule

You can preview your schedule on PDF or CSV for an overview of the schedule and share it with your staff via other channels like email and whatsapp.

  1. Select “Export Schedule”, and choose which section you want to preview. Select “All sections” to preview the schedule for all sections.

  2. A preview of the schedule appears. Select the Export button on the bottom right.

  3. In the corresponding pop-up, you can choose to export the schedule as a PDF (with/without work hours) or a CSV file.

Request part-time availability

To send shift requests to all part-timers, tap on “Request part-time availability” in the More Actions menu, and tap “Request” in the confirmation dialog. A success notification will appear at the bottom to inform you of the number of requests sent out.

Note: You can only request part-time availability when the week has not yet been published. Learn more about this here.

Viewing Special Dates

Easily track public holidays and weekends to plan for manpower accordingly while taking note of special wages (e.g. weekend pay bonuses). These events are indicated with badges underneath each date.

Here are the use-cases:

  • ‘E’ represents ‘Event’ (e.g. Public Holidays)

  • ‘W’ represents ‘Weekend’

  • The badge represents a note for the day without any special wages selected

Learn more about setting these events here.

To see more details about an event, tap on the respective badge.

Note: You cannot edit the event from the “View Event” page. Learn how to edit events here.

If a day is both a Weekend and an Event (e.g. an Event falls on a Saturday), only the “E” badge will be displayed. All clocked hours on that day will be counted under Event hours on the Timesheet.

Pulling Support Staff from other Sections

On certain days, you may want to assign staff from other sections (otherwise known as Support Staff) to support a particular section.

Adding Support Staff

  1. In the “Support Staff” section, tap on an empty shift slot indicated by a “+” icon to add a support staff shift

  2. Tap on the shift you wish to assign.

  3. Select which role you need them to fill from the dropdown menu.

  4. Press "Continue".

  5. Select the staff from other Sections you would like to assign.

  6. When done, tap “Assign”.

Note: If the staff already has a shift during that time, you will be notified with a “CLASH” tag.

Support staff from another section has been assigned to the shift! To add more support staff on the same day, tap on the “+” slot below the existing shift.

Editing / Removing Support Staff

You can edit or remove a support staff’s shift by tapping on it and editing the relevant fields in the edit window. Tap “Save” when done to save the changes.

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