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Integrate BrioHR with StaffAny
Integrate BrioHR with StaffAny

Sync employee profiles, and push over work hours tracked on StaffAny to BrioHR for payroll

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BrioHR is a cloud-based HR & Payroll software. You can export Timesheet data in StaffAny to the BrioHR system to decrease the manual work and increase the accuracy of running payroll, based on timesheets consolidated in StaffAny.

Watch this video for an overview of the integration process:

This guide will cover the following:

Payroll Calculation Rules

This table summarizes the various payroll calculation rules integrated between StaffAny and BrioHR system.

Calculation Rule


Normal Overtime

Overtime pay = 1.5x rate of the regular hourly rate

Public Holiday (PH) + Overtime on PH Pay

If the employee worked in Public Holiday (Event hours).

  • 2x rate for the first 8 hours

    • >0 to 4 hours rounded up to 4 hours

    • >4 to 8 hours rounded up to 8 hours

  • 3x rate if exceeds 8 hours (overtime on PH)

Rest Day + Overtime on Rest Day Pay

If the employee worked in Rest Day. By using “Rest Day” shift tag in StaffAny.

  • 1x rate for the first 8 hours

    • >0 to 4 hours rounded up to 4 hours

    • >4 to 8 hours rounded up to 8 hours

  • 1.5x rate if exceeds 8 hours (overtime on Rest Day)

Non-paid Leave Taken

Not developed yet

Deduct pay based on the number of unpaid leave days taken.

Lateness Deduction Tiering

Not developed yet

Deduct pay based on predefined lateness tiering rules.

Note that for payroll integration, StaffAny provides the timesheets hours while BrioHR provides the rates/wages

Configure Employee information in StaffAny and BrioHR

For payroll integration to be successful, employee information between StaffAny and BrioHR must match

  1. Employee Name & Employee ID

    1. BrioHR

      Go to People (Top tab) > Select Staff > Edit

    2. StaffAny

      Go to My Team (top tab) > Select Staff.
      Name under Basic Information, Employee ID under Work Information

  2. Salary

    The below table shows the mapping of salary type between StaffAny and BrioHR.

    1. BrioHR

      Go to People (Top tab) > Select Staff > Compensation (left tab) > Pencil icon

    2. StaffAny

      Go to My Team (top tab) > Select Staff > Wages

Configuring settings according to company policies

If your company has different policies for work done on Rest Days, Public Holidays, Weekends, or Overtime, Configure your settings accordingly

Setting up for Rest Days

  1. Go Settings in StaffAny.

  2. Click on Shift Tag tab.

  3. Click on Add Tag.

  4. Click on Rest "Day/ Off Day".

  5. Do not modify anything and click Save

  6. Apply the shift tag on employees who work on Rest Days by doing this.

Setting up for Weekends, Public Holidays and Overtime

Similarly, configure your settings for Weekends, Public Holidays and Overtime.

Configure Timesheets Export to BrioHR Format

NOTE: If you wish to use integration excel instead of custom columns, skip this step and proceed to the next section here.

There are 4 additional columns needed when exporting timesheets to BrioHR, which are Lateness Deductions, Unpaid leave (Day), Rest Day and Split Shift.

We can add these 4 columns into our timesheet exports via our custom columns feature. Here is a video showing how to perform the set-up:

The table below shows the formula to input into each custom column, depending on your company policy.

Custom Column Name

Custom Column Formula

Lateness Deduction

If you do not practice lateness deduction, use an empty string as the formula:


If you use lateness deduction, configure accordingly.

For the lateness deduction shown in the image above, you can set it up via:

IF((min([Late In Hours]))>2,100,IF((min([Late In Hours]))>1,30,IF((min([Late In Hours]))>0.5,10,IF((min([Late In Hours]))>1/6,6,0))))

Unpaid Leave (Day)

To track unpaid leave, first ensure the leave tag is NPL. Thereafter, use the following formula

IFERROR(IF(SEARCH("NPL",[Leave Tags (Days)]),1,0),0)

Rest Day

Use an empty string as the formula:


Split Shift

Use an empty string as the formula:


Exporting Timesheet for Payroll Processing from StaffAny

Before transforming your timesheet for importing, we strongly advise that you lock your timesheets before processing the payroll. Read more about timesheet locking.

  1. Select the date range for the period you are processing payroll for.

  2. Under Export Filtered, click on Individual to generate the Detailed Timesheet report.

  3. Ensure "Include actual timestamp values" option is left unselected. Click on "Export"

  4. Timesheet csv will be downloaded onto your device

Consolidate Timesheet Data Using Integration Excel

NOTE: If you have already configured your Timesheet Individual Export Format to fit BrioHR's requirements, skip this step and directly upload the exported CSV file above into BrioHR by following the instructions here.

If you wish to set-up your Timesheet Individual Export Format in BrioHR format, refer to our earlier section on Configuring Timesheets to BrioHR Format

Before transforming your timesheet for importing, we strongly advise that you lock your timesheets before processing the payroll. Read more about timesheet locking.

  1. Make a copy of BioHR Timesheet template by signing into your Google account

    1. Click here to obtain the BrioHR Timesheet Template and make a copy of the document.

  2. Set up Optional Configuration Rules

    Customize specific rules in the "In - Rule" tab by specifying the following

    • Lateness Tiering
      This feature discourages late-coming by accumulating the total time that each employee was late by (in minutes), and categorises their late-coming into tiers.

      Note that the name, range, and points are fully customizable

      Once this is configured, you can decide on a penalty based on the points.

    • Unpaid Leave Days.

      If your organization has specific types of leaves that are marked as unpaid, you can specify them in this section:

      • Add the leave tag and its corresponding leave name to the table. You can find the leave set up in your account in the “Off and Leave” settings.

    By providing these optional rules in the "Input - Rule" tab, you can configure the file to automatically consolidate the deductions based on the lateness tiers or identify specific leave types as unpaid.

  3. Copy and paste the Timesheet file to the Integration excel.

    1. Open the downloaded Timesheets Individual CSV file.

    2. Inside the copied "Import - TS Individual" tab, clear the spreadsheet

      • Ctrl-A + backspace

    3. Copy the data from the timesheet file and paste it into the "Import - TS Individual" tab on the Google Sheets.

    4. Once pasted, a small blue loading bar will appear on the top right corner of the spreadsheet (as boxed in red). Wait for the bar to finish loading

    5. Review the Summarized timesheets in "Output - Summary" tab

    6. Download the “Output - BrioHR Template” sheet as CSV

Exporting File to Run Payroll in BrioHR

  1. In BrioHR website, go to HR Longue and select Payroll

  2. Click on Run Payroll.

  3. Click Add Items in Bulk

  4. Chose the following:

    1. Select Type: Addition

    2. addition type: Overtime (Multi-rates)” from the dropdown.

    3. Click Import Overtime

  5. Under "Select File Source”, choose StaffAny File.

  6. Upload the file by selecting it from your computer and clicking Upload

  7. The timesheet data should be successfully uploaded.

  8. Review and verify the imported payroll data to ensure its accuracy.

  9. Once you have reviewed and confirmed the payroll, proceed to run the payroll process.

Common Questions

Will leaves from StaffAny be sync-ed to BrioHR?

Common Problems

  1. Employee ID mismatch

    This error means that some employees with different Employees ID with what is registered on BrioHR. Refer to this section of the help article.

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