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Run Payroll

This article will give a high level overview of this process

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Running payroll in PayrollAny is a simple process

Create a new payroll

After setting up a business entity, pay items, and employees’ data, follow the following steps to run payroll:

  1. Click on the Payroll menu next to the timesheet and then click on Run Payroll on the left sidebar menu.

  2. On the Run Payroll page, set the

    1. Pay Period:

      1. Set the Month and Year

      2. Select between:

        1. Whole Month

        2. Adhoc: Allows you to generate separate payrolls for different purposes to generate claims separately from the monthly payroll as well.

      3. Timesheet Period: Select the timesheet start and end dates

      4. Payroll ID: Customize your Payroll ID according to your preferences (optional). Example: payrollnov23

  3. Select the employees* to be included in the payroll.

    *Employees who are not ready for payroll have

    marks which means that they have not tagged to a business entity or have missing required information needed for payroll. To resolve this, complete the employee's profile in My Team.

  4. After resolving the missing information, click Create Payroll to proceed.

  5. You will be directed to the Payroll List page while the system generates the payroll. You can refresh the page and will be able to do an Edit once “Generating” status changes to “Pending”. Note: Generating usually takes a few seconds or minutes to complete, please check and refresh in your browser accordingly.

Edit the payroll

  1. Once the status changes to “Pending”, click the Edit button. This will take you to the Edit Payroll page.

  2. Within the edit payroll page, you can:

    1. Change Payroll ID (optional)

    2. Add Pay Items

      1. Click Add Pay Item dropdown.

      2. Choose the pay item you want to add.

    3. Edit the amount

    4. Remove the pay item

    5. Edit Proration

      Proration applies to all elements within the compensation period. For further understanding of proration, please refer to another help article.

      1. Click the Edit Proration button in the Compensation Details column.

      2. Enter the new number of days worked and total working days.

      3. Click Save to apply the changes.

    6. Add Remarks (optional)

  3. When you have finished editing the payroll, click the Save & View Summary button.
    Note: All changes are automatically saved as you edit. You do not need to worry about losing your work if you are logged out accidentally.

Check payroll summary

At Payroll Summary page, you can check if Take home pay and Gross Salary are correct for this payroll

View month total & CPF

Finally, from the Payroll List page, you can view Monthly Total and CPF Summary

You will see the monthly totals across all payruns for that month, per staff

Next, please refer to the following to learn more


What should I do if I set the pay period and/or timesheet period wrong, and the payroll has been created?

Don’t worry, you can delete the incorrect payroll and Run a new payroll. To delete a payroll, please refer to How to Delete Payroll.

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